Sunday, 13 December 2020

Let's Stitch Again - January Patterns

These are the patterns my club members will receive next year on January 1st...

And a closer look...

Would you like to join Let's Stitch Again?

Just go to the main page HERE and see which patterns I'll be sending to my members next month!

Hope to stitch with you soon,


  1. just joined, thank you. Just wondering if we have to cancel the Faith In Hand subscriptions ourselves or will that just happen automatically?

  2. Just subscribed and am so excited to get started. I love your designs and love being a wife and homemaker with Christ at the center of our home.

  3. All done. Paid and Joined. ✅

  4. Will you teach how to make the mini quilts?

    1. My mini quilts just have a border around the stitching and binding.

  5. Thank you for so many beautiful things to make. You are such a blessing.
    Another grandchild to love. You are so blessed that they live close.

  6. I've joined as well. Looking forward to some slow stitching.

  7. As always you have outdone yourself. Thank You so very much for these beautiful patterns I pray for you and your family quite often. Please take care of yourself. We all need such a joy in our lives. Love Cinda