Saturday, 5 October 2019


If you find those lovely hands of yours to be most joyful when painting a picture with cloth, needle and thread then we share a love for the very same craft, hand embroidery, so you just may enjoy spending a year stitching along with me in...

Let me tell you all about it...

The Rewind Stitchery Club runs for one year from the day you join.

During that year as a member you will receive 12 monthly issues which each contain at least five patterns to stitch. These are emailed as a PDF file directly to your email inbox on the 5th of every month.

If you join in time to receive the November 5th issue then your final issue will arrive on October 5th next year.

The patterns I've included in the 12 monthly issues are my favourite choices from those I designed during 2014-16 and are not available elsewhere.

Each pattern includes step by step embroidery instructions, photos, all material and thread details, full size pattern sheets for printing and usually some small lessons or tips about each design.

This is the Club issue my members will receive on November 5th which includes some sweet Christmas themed designs plus a couple of beautiful encouragements to stitch as well...

Here's a closer look at what you could receive in November should you choose to join...


Your membership subscription will run for 12 months.
A monthly payment of $7.95 AUD (about $5.50 US) will automatically be withdrawn from your Paypal account during the course of the year so there's no need to do anything else apart from excitedly wait for each new issue to arrive in your email inbox on the 5th of the month.

(Please note that if you need to leave the Club before the end of the 12-month cycle that's fine - I understand that life happens and there are no penalties for leaving.)

Click on the Paypal button below and join today...

I will send your issues of The Stitchery Club to the email address provided by Paypal. If you would prefer me to send to a different email address than the one they provide please email me (see the 'contact me' button over to the right of this page) and I am happy to oblige.

Memberships close on midnight of the 4th if you'd like to receive the November issue on the 5th.

Free Joining Gift

In appreciation of your new membership I'll send you my "Christmas Hearts" gift pattern via email within 24 hours of joining!

Hoping to stitch with you soon,

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